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About Us

Sulus Lights has been distributing professional lighting equipment in the music and showbiz market for over eight years.

Our company cooperates with many music groups, large companies and actively develops in the lighting technology market in the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia and other countries. With our technique you could meet at major music festivals such as Colors of Ostrava, Rock for People or Ostrava Majáles. We also collaborate with Czech music groups such as Kryšotf, Mandrage, Citron or Limetal.

The goal of Sulus Lights is the satisfaction of each client, taking into account all his wishes and helping him choose the right technique for each event. Our customers can be retailers, wholesalers, rental technicians, but also end-users themselves.

If you choose our products, you will get a technique that will give you the perfect light and excellent quality for laser shows and special effects. We are also ready to offer service facilities, post-warranty service, as well as installation and adjustment of our lighting technology - all at very reasonable prices!

We appreciate our customers and, in addition to the high level of service they provide, various bonuses (depending on the scope of cooperation) can be added to your purchases.

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